Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Product Spotlight: Sports Tickets

Sports Tickets

Our Sports Ticket Line is Growing!

We recently added to our collection of tickets and ticket packs for sports and special events. All designs are color-changing and coordinate well with our design sets and other products.

In ProFilmet ROES: Standard Catalog / Special Events / Sports Items / [tabs as mentioned below]

Ticket Pack

Press-Printed Ticket Pack

This is our classic press-printed ticket pack that includes 2 large tickets, 4 small tickets and 1 large & small field pass that fit snugly together on a perforated sheet. This ticket product has its own graphic set that covers everything from football to drama.

Look for them in ProFilmet ROES under the Ticket Packs tab, and choose from the current year or the next year sets.

Sport Ticket Units

Ticket Units

These are photo paper full and half units with 4 and 2 tickets, respectively, and borrow the non-specific design from the Ticket Poster.

Look for them in ProFilmet ROES as "Sport Ticket 4up on 10x7 sheet" and "Sport Ticket 2up on 5x7 sheet" under the Sports Tickets tab.

Combo Sheet

Ticket Combo Sheet

The Combo Sheet includes 2 tickets, 4 wallets with the same graphic border and a double-sided keychain - all in one photo paper print. The clear plastic keychain is included but will not be assembled.

Look for them in ProFilmet ROES as "Sport Ticket Combo sheet" under the Sports Tickets tab.

Sport Ticket Poster

Ticket Poster

At 10x30, this ticket is definitely made to be displayed on the wall. Look for it in ProFilmet ROES as "Sport Ticket 10x30" under the Sports Tickets tab.

Need even more?

This can also be ordered as a 24x72" Vinyl Banner from the Banners tab under the Standard Catalog