Friday, April 5, 2013

It's an iSale!

It's an iSale!

Now, through the end of April, get all iPad and iPhone accessories at a discounted price!

iSale Prices

Use Promo code: iPromo13 when you submit your order.


for the iPhone:

Cases are now available for iPhone 5 with an all new model. We welcome ChromaLuxe into the line with a snap-on case that features an interchangeable metal plate.

Models available:

iPhone 4 & 4s:
- Clear Rubber
- Black Rubber
- Clear Hard Plastic

All iPhone 4 & 4s cases are available in White Gloss and Clear Gloss
iPhone 5:
- Black Hard Plastic
- Clear Hard Plastic with
  ChromaLuxe metal plates*

All iPhone 5 cases are available in White Gloss only

* Each case comes with 1 ChromaLuxe metal plate, but the plates are also available separately.


for the iPad:

Choose from

Snap-On Case
Thin and lightweight, this hard plastic case snaps around your iPad 2 to cover the back surface. Barely visible from the front, the Sublimated iPad Snap-On Case won't obstruct the screen while the iPad is in use.
Fits: iPad 2
Neoprene Sleeve
The Sublimated iPad Neoprene Sleeve fits all iPad models, including iPads with a snap-on case, and features a zipper opening.
Folding Case
With faux suede and black leather trim, the Sublimated iPad Folding Case snugly holds an iPad 2/3 in a velcro-locked pocket. Leather bands inside the folio act as braces for tilting in 3 positions.
Fits: iPad 2 & 3
iPad Cases