Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcoming the Fall Sports Season...

Half Off Wall GrafX Tradeables

Half Off Wall Grafx Tradeables in August

You can save on every set you sell, upsell your packages, add gifts to purchases, and more. For half off, you can't go wrong!

These 5x7 tradeable decals are printed on removable vinyl and are available in Style 4 & Sinewave sets, or provide your own graphics & images.

Put them on your wall, your locker, your cube ... or trade them with your friends!

Place promo code “trade50” in the options of the product when you order.

*Not recommended for wood laminate

Find them in ROES in their new home:
Standard Catalog > Special Events > Wall Grafx, Sinewave Set, or Style 4 Set