Monday, March 20, 2017

Introducing Streamline

We added a new sports and events template set to our mix!



– an easy-to-use, modern design set with bold display text.

Streamline Templates


Whether you want to just drop images and go or customize for your teams, Streamline is a simple yet robust template set for sports and dance.

Maximum Images
Streamline focuses on your images... simply.
Each product in the set features large image nodes, bold display text, and nodes for team logos.
If that’s not enough, we enabled the Designer Suite, so you can add nodes as needed.
Minimal Options
We set the defaults for you, so you can drop your images and go... Or, if you prefer, you can:
  • Change the color
  • Change the texture
  • Choose a premade logo (if you don’t have one for your team)


By popular request, we included multiple layouts for some of the products in Streamline. With this design set, you now have:

Button Layouts Simply rotate your image for a horizontal button.
  • 4 vertical 8x10 Memory Mate layouts, including layouts with horizontal nodes for the individual and layouts with full bleed image nodes. Plus, there is a horizontal 8x10 as well as the 10x13.
  • A horizontal 4x5 Flexi Magnet layout.
  • 2 Button layouts – one with a large round node and one with a long skinny node to accommodate long vertical and horizontal poses.


Streamline offers an easy, “streamlined” option set with a fresh batch of textures.

Here, you have 3 options:

  1. Do you want a color?
    Streamline was made to look slick in monochrome, but selecting a color creates a bold statement.
    Boiling Point with Default Color
    Boiling Point: Default Color
    Boiling Point with Fire Engine
    Boiling Point: Fire Engine
  2. Do you want another texture?
    Streamline's textures carry an implication of motion and speed. If you don't love the one you see, there are more in the texture option.
    Texture Options Palette
  3. Do you want it to be lighter?
    Streamline's default is dark and gritty, but that's not always right. You can choose to lighten the texture for pastel little leagues, dancers, or whatever needs a little lift.
    SpinDrift Dark over Cyan
    Spin Drift Dark with Cyan
    SpinDrift Light over Cyan
    Spin Drift Light with Cyan


Streamline's Metal Display Text ROES DisplayPrint

Please note that the full effect on the display text cannot be shown in ROES.

The display text font is standard on all computers (Windows & Mac). You will be able to see it for spacing, but the brushed metal and embossing effects will only be on your prints.


Streamline has a node on most products for a team logo.

No logo? No problem. If you don't have a team logo or other graphic to use with your images, we loaded several premade graphics that you can choose in the options palette.