Monday, January 31, 2011

TIPP Spotlight - Mark Campbell

Founded in 1967, Triangle Institute of Professional Photography (TIPP) is one of the largest schools in the nation. Affiliated with Professional Photographers of America and Triangle Photographers Association, Triangle is admired for its innovative and progressive ideas in photographic education as well as providing a quality learning environment for the beginner or the advanced photographer.
In the upcoming weeks, we will be highlighting speakers from the upcoming TIPP in March, 2011. Enjoy!

Mark Campbell   “The Need for Speed”

If you find yourself working all hours of the night just to try to catch up on your digital files, then this program is for you! Designed to help you take back control of your life, you will see firsthand the advantages of working with RAW files—not only from a quality standpoint, but an efficiency one as well.
The class will begin by capturing images using a variety of techniques designed to make life easier once you get behind the computer, and then establishing a workflow for your studio that actually makes sense and works! 

Topics covered will include:
Simplified capture techniques that allow you to focus on your subject—not your camera
Working with RAW files quickly and efficiently
One-Step color correction
Color Management
Automation (especially actions) that will let you go home at night!
Retouching and Eye Enhancement
Working with B&W and toned images
Layers and Channels and Masks (Oh my!)
Printing (either on your own or via a lab)
More shortcuts than you can shake a stick at (plus easy ways to remember them!)
Creating composites and other creative photo layouts
In addition, we’ll discuss third party plug-ins, filters and actions that can enhance your images, creating a product that sets you apart from your competition. We’ll even show you how to sell your images in a way that increases your customer satisfaction and your average!
All work files will be provided on DVD. This class is a hands-on experience that will send both you and your computer home on fire and ready to go! Don’t spend another day doing things the hard way!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Great Giveaway Winner!

Wow!  We had a HUGE response to our Great Giveaway this week - I hope you all enjoyed the sales and giveaways.  Not to worry - there will be more coming shortly - make sure you are keeping an eye on the Filmet Blog and Facebook daily!

Now, the part you've all been waiting for.  The winner of our Great Giveaway $250 lab credit is...

Linda Ford of Linda's Lenses!

Congratulations to Linda, and thank you to all of the photographers who entered.  To learn more about Linda's Lenses, you may visit her website at

Industry Buzz (01/28/11)

New and noteworthy:

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    TIPP Spotlight - Hudson and Hudson

    Founded in 1967, Triangle Institute of Professional Photography (TIPP) is one of the largest schools in the nation. Affiliated with Professional Photographers of America and Triangle Photographers Association, Triangle is admired for its innovative and progressive ideas in photographic education as well as providing a quality learning environment for the beginner or the advanced photographer.
    In the upcoming weeks, we will be highlighting speakers from the upcoming TIPP in March, 2011. Enjoy!

    Bruce and Josh Hudson   “A Week with Hudson and Hudson – Marketing and Imaging

    What does it take to be successful in this business of professional photography today? Well, to tell you the truth, there’s no silver bullet–a ton of factors will determine your level of financial success. Effective marketing, sales, and dynamic image creation are just to name a few. But many of the marketing strategies that worked wonderfully in the past are just not that effective anymore. The style of photography is also changing rapidly before our eyes. How are you selling your images, if you are actually selling any at all? Online? Proof books? CD? How you present your images to your clients can make all the difference when trying to make a living as a pro.
    Many photographers tell Bruce and Josh that they are tired of working harder and longer only to fall further behind and get bogged down by day to day work! Lack of sales, marketing that just doesn’t work, and countless hours of Photoshop production have many ready to throw in the towel.
    Not to worry, though–Bruce and Josh have the answers and solutions to all of your questions, concerns, and day to day frustrations you are experiencing! Bruce, a successful 27-year veteran and studio owner in the Seattle area (see bio), has a passion for sharing what works in business and the art of photography with image creators all across the country. Josh Hudson, Bruce’s son and business partner (see bio), brings to the team a fresh, young vision of business and marketing as they are conducted in today’s world. He is one of the top social media and Internet marketing minds in the profession today.
    “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bruce from the beginning of his career 27 years ago. His studio has always thrived because he is able to evolve and adapt as the market changes. Studying with Bruce will drastically improve your business and your life”. - Steve Sheanin, Rangefinder Magazine- CEO & Editor, WPPI- Founder & CEO
    Together, Josh and Bruce create a dynamic duo that will teach you not only the photographic side of being a successful and sought after photographer in your city or town, but the marketing, sales, and business management needed to succeed in this highly competitive profession. During their jam-packed week the Hudson team will discuss:
    ü  The art of marketing: Past, present, and future
    ü  Maximizing your sales: Double, triple your sales overnight!
    ü  The social media phenomenon: How to capitalize and actually make some serious money from Facebook, YouTube, and more!
    ü  Designing and optimizing a highly effective website so you will be found!
    ü  Creating images that command impact: High impact=Better profits
    ü  Lighting in any location, any condition…even full sun!
    ü  Re-branding and re-inventing your studio
    ü  All this and much more during this amazing week!
    “I’ve had the pleasure of teaching with Bruce at The Texas Professional School for many years. His class is one of the most popular and comments from the students have always been outstanding! Last year I was in Seattle and finally saw Bruce’s operation and lifestyle, he walks the talk!” - Doug Box, Industry Leader
    If you’re looking for answers to both the tough photographic and frustrating business questions, Bruce and Josh’s week long experience is where you need to be! See you there!

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Industry Buzz (01/21/11)

    What's New...

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Filmet's Great Giveaway!

    Starting Saturday Jan.22, we will begin collecting entries for our Great Giveaway!  Not only will one lucky photographer win a $250 lab credit at the end of the week, but we have special sales EVERY DAY leading up to the big announcement!  

    Be sure to stay tuned - this is only the beginning.  New sales and promotions will be announced on the blog and Facebook often!

    Take a look below for more details:

    Saturday Jan.22 - Sunday Jan.23: Sporadic Sale (use promo code 5to50)
    All orders* placed from 8am Saturday through 8pm Sunday will receive a random discount from 5-50% off. 
    Monday Jan.24 - .15 Value 4x6's (use promo code 15for46)
    All Value 4x6 prints* ordered from 8am through 8pm Monday will be discounted from .29 to .15!  Please note - our Value service does NOT include color correction.
    Tuesday Jan.25 - Free Artboard (use promo code artme)
    Free artboard mounting available on all* 8x10 and 11x14 prints ordered from 8am through 8pm Tuesday.  Artboard will not automatically be added - please select in the options menu if desired.
     Wednesday Jan.26 - 20% off Proof Mags (use promo code proof20)
    20% off all* photographic and press printed spiral bound proof magazines ordered from 8am through 8pm Wednesday.
     Thursday Jan.27 - !0% off $50 (use promo code 10off50)
    All orders* placed from 8am through 8pm Thursday totaling $50 or more will receive a 10% discount.
    Friday Jan.28 - Great Giveaway winner announced

    But how do I enter to win $250? 
    Good question!  All orders that are submitted with one of the above promotional codes will automatically be entered to win the $250 lab credit!  
    Additional ways to enter:
    • Submit ANY* order 8am Saturday through 8pm Thursday using promo code "giveaway"
    • "Like" our page on Facebook (Click HERE to view)
    • Leave a comment on our Facebook Wall
    • Follow our blog (its easy, you're already here!)
    NO LIMIT: The more you participate - the more entries you receive!
    *The not-so-small print: 
    All promotional offers are valid for professional photographers that currently have an account with Filmet Professional Imaging.  No account?  Call to sign up - its free, fast and easy!
    Promotional codes MUST be entered in the promotional code box (in the review order screen) when placing your order to be applicable.
    Promotional offers may not be combined with any other sales, offers, discounts or applied to previous orders.
    All qualifying orders must be submitted within the specified time frames through the Filmet Connect ROES software.
    Accounts must be in good standing with Filmet to qualify for discounts/promotions.
    Discounts do not apply to sales tax (where applicable), shipping (where applicable), handing charges, artwork, design services or retouching.
    $250 lab credit will be drawn randomly and awarded on Friday, January 28th.  Lab credit is non-transferable and cannot be applied to previous orders/balances.  Lab credit received must be used by March 31, 2011 or any remaining balances will be forfeited.  Winner will be notified via Facebook, email or phone and grants Filmet the permission to publish their name on Facebook, the Filmet blog, and any marketing materials Filmet deems appropriate.  If winner cannot be contacted or does not respond within 48 hours of notification, the credit will be forfeited, and another winner will be chosen.
    Filmet reserves the right to cancel or change any and all promotions/regulations at any time.




    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Big Print Special

    Mix n Match 16x20 and Up
    30% Off 2 prints
    40% Off 3-4 prints
    50% Off 5 prints or more

    Includes Gallery Wraps!

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Industry Buzz (01/14/11)

    Take a look at what's new and noteworthy...

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    NEW - Custom backdrops!

    Starting at only $320.00, our new custom backdrops are great for indoor sports shoots, bridal shows, corporate events and more!  Choose from either 5x8 or 8x8.  You can also add accessories such as a travel bag and backdrop stand.  This product is available NOW in the promotional catalog of Filmet Connect!

    2011 Pricing is here

    After much work, we are finally ready to release our 2011 price guide!  Not only did 99% of our pricing remain the same, but we are really proud to unveil a whole slew of new products.  A special thanks to Lost In This Moment for the amazing cover image.  You may view more of their work HERE.  Throughout the year we've added new templates and designs, soft cover books, metal panels, custom backdrops and more!  It doesn't stop there - we've also added full service design, print and bind albums as well as data entry, order generation, fulfillment and drop shipping for sports and underclass.  Let us work for YOU!

    You may view and/or download your copy of the new 2011 price guide below...

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Coming up...

    For us, January signifies not only a new year, but a great chance to learn new techniques, find new products and meet new people!  Starting this weekend, we're hitting the road and would love to see YOU!
    Here's where we'll be:

    January 16-18: Imaging USA in San Antonio, TX - you can see us at booth 1139.   
    Click here for more information.

    January 23-24: Triangle's Winter Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.
    Click here for more information.

    January 28-31: SYNC in Tampa, FL - we'll be in booth 61.   
    Click here for more information.

    Hope to see you there!

    Triangle Programming

    We are proud to be a part of Triangle Photographers Association.  Here's the line up for the winter meeting...come learn, be inspired, and meet us!

    Invites you to attend the 
    Triangle Winter Meeting and Trade Show

    When:    January 23-24, 2011
    Where:  Crowne Plaza South, Pittsburgh, PA
    Cost is just $50.00 at attend both days.
    Call Becky at Triangle 724-869-5455 to register

    Program Talent:  Mark Campbell – Turbo Charge Your Workflow -  The Need for Speed
    Program Time:  Sunday, January 23rd    9:30am to 11:00am
    The advent of Digital photography has brought photographers a measure of control and freedom never before attainable – but at a price. TIME!  What good is having all that control if you become a slave to the computer.  Mark will talk about ways to be efficient by teaching a vast array of shortcuts and automations; retouching and much more!
    Program Talent:  Kathleen and Michael Bishop – The Art and Business of Photographing Children
    Program Time:  Sunday, January 23    1:00pm to 3:00pm and 4:00 to 6:00
    Any studio can capture the height of a child at a particular time in their life, but can they capture the spirit of that child; or the love in their eyes as they look at their mommy; or the laughter that starts in the soul and ends up on their faces.  The Bishops will teach you everything you need to know to bring feeling into y our images. How to connect with people half your size or smaller and how to provide beautiful images for your clients plus make a living while you are at it
    Program Talent:  Lorraine and Steve Bedell – Familes A – Z
    Program Time:  Monday, January 24  8:30am to 11:30am 
    This program contains in depth and complete coverage of how to market, photograph and sell family portraits. Nothing has been left out, even the pricing! Photographers new and old can use the information from this program to make an immediate impact of their family portraits. Some of the many things you will cover are: Sure fire ways to get that phone to ring; The importance of consultations; How to increase word of mouth traffic; Viral Marketing; The Five Rules of Facebook; Projeting the RIGHT way;  and WHY showing LESS will make you MORE money.
    Program Talent:  Jon Read and Adam Hunter - Competition Quality Seniors – Everyday shooting and Post Processing that Judges and Clients Love.
    Program Time:  Monday, January 24    1:30pm to 4:30pm
    Have you ever watched a print competition and wished you could see how the winning folio was made? That is exactly what Jon and Adam are going to show you.  They will take you step by step from capture through the final output of Jon’s highly awarded senior portfolios. They will cover multiple flash on location that anyone can do; Using available light for high impact head and shoulders; Photoshop techniques to switch skies in seconds; enhance lighting on the subject and background to create impact; and create various effects to enhance you images and help them stand out from the rest.

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Industry Buzz (01/07/11)

    Happy 2011 everyone!  Here's what's new and noteworthy this week...